3 Big Lies of Joe Biden” during an interview with BBC
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3 Big Lies of Joe Biden” during an interview with BBC

The American president told 3 big lies while giving an Joe Biden interview to the BBC. He accused Protestants of harassing black and Jewish students, that Hamas burned children alive on October 7, and that Israel had not yet entered Rafah.

Israel has not yet entered into the Rafa” said by Big Lies of Joe Biden

Big Lies

The US President revealed in an Joe Biden interview with the 3 Big Lies BBC that Israel has not yet entered Rafah, if Israel enters Rafah, the US will not help it in this attack.

The American president is completely false in his claim because Israeli forces have surrounded Rafah with tanks for several days and are still there after the evacuation of the eastern side. The Israeli army is shelling all day long.

Perhaps the US president has forgotten that Rafah is not a huge city spread over hundreds of miles, but its total area is less than 10 kilometers. When Israel itself admits that we have entered Rifa.

there are many videos as proof, and 100,000 people are to be forcibly removed from Rifa, then the US President is ignorant or Deliberately showing ignorance is very deplorable. It is quite clear that the US President is telling white lies to please the Jewish lobby.

Big Lies Joe Biden interview Protesters are harassing Jewish and black students

 Big Lies

The third big lie the US president told was that young Americans protesting the illegal Israeli occupation across the country are preventing black and Jewish students from attending classes,

even though they all Videos of the protests have been making the rounds on social media, and not a single one of the videos shows any evidence of Jewish or black students being harassed. Against this, many black and Jewish students are protesting together with the protesters.

In an Joe Biden interview with the BBC, the US President has confirmed that he has intercepted a shipment to Israel, which contains 2000 pounds and 500 pounds of bombs and artillery shells.

It is worth noting here that while the American president is showing mercy to the people of Gaza and especially to the people of Rafah by stopping a shipment, on the other hand, he has previously sent several shipments of weapons to Israel.

which are used by Israel against innocent Palestinians. For the US to block one shipment by sending hundreds of leased shipments from Islay to Israel is like playing a joke on the people of Gaza.

Hamas locked young children with their mothers and burned them alive

Big Lies

The second big lie the US President told was that on October 7, Hamas had tied Israeli children to their mothers and burned them alive. Even though this lie has been confirmed by Israeli newspapers and several investigations have also proven that this is a complete Big Lies.

Many sources have proved that many innocent people lost their lives on October 7, but the way the facts are being presented is not correct. The burnt bodies that were found in the Israeli areas, the concrete houses that were found fallen are the result of the Israeli helicopter firing.

Interestingly, Hamas did not have advanced weapons capable of demolishing concrete buildings or burning people alive. How could Hamas do this? All of this is happening under the Hannibal Doctrine, which protects an Israeli citizen from being captured by Hamas, even if that citizen has to be killed.

According to the theory of the Israeli forces, if Hamas captures our citizens, then it will fulfill their demands from us. So, if there are Hamas people in an Israeli house, it is perfectly fine for the Israeli forces to bomb that house without regard for its own citizens.

It happened in October. Several sources have confirmed that many Israeli civilians were killed by their own forces on October 7. It is also worth noting here that on October 7, only one Israeli girl, nine years old, died, not by burning but by a gunshot wound.

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