President Joe Biden Promises Over 2000 Union Construction Jobs | BBC Interview
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President Joe Biden Promises Over 2000 Union Construction Jobs | BBC Interview

Discover President Joe Biden’s commitment to creating 2000+ union construction jobs as he discusses it in an exclusive BBC interview.

Comparison of union construction Job Creation Promises: President Biden’s Approach versus Trump’s Legacy

 union construction

Question: Trump attended a groundbreaking here where we are for foxconn. He promised 13,000 jobs and only about 1000 of those actually exist right now.

And we are promising more than 2000 union construction jobs BBC Interview and that 100,000 people are given to get trained in AI.Why should we think that you will be able to fill the jobs that Trump was unable to fill?

Answer: He’s never succeeded in creating jobs, and I’ve never failed. I’ve created over 15 millions jobs since I’ve been president.

Microsoft’s Strategic Role in AI Development and Reflections on Political Leadership union construction jobs BBC interview

union construction

And secondly, Microsoft is a serious player, and they are very much engaged in making sure that they pick this area as a sort of the home base for their AI initiative in the nation. 

And they’re going to do it And just like and by the way. Well, I think I’m out. But Trump is, you know, he started off with golden shovels, for the groundbreaking and talked about this being, the eighth wonder of the world.

When has he ever done anything he said, I am not facetious. Think about it. He started off and he lost. Other than Herbert Hower is the only other president who lost more jobs and created more in his four year term.

He’s the way he managed the end of his last year, one that will deal with COVID. Many people died. 

He tells people, inject bleach. The man that may do it wasn’t a real problem. He did an interview with one of your colleagues where you just flat out acknowledged he knew how dangerous it was and wanted to speak to it. You know, it’s just and look at what he says he’s going to do if he gets elected.

She’s going to do away with what I have done on Medicare, reducing the price of Medicare drastically. So he’s going to do away with the Affordable Care Act.Just draw the line, he will do it. So, we have a different view. I look at it from a physician, not being facetious from a screen perspective.

We want to give more significant tax outs to the super wealthy. And we got 2000 billionaires in America. You know 2000-union construction jobs, their average federal tax is 8.3%.

Talks about and if I want to raise to 25% that would I would raise $40 billion for $400 billion over ten years.Further reduce the deficit, which I’ve been able to reduce with its just a completely different perspective on how we should proceed.

Implementation Timeline and Training Opportunities for 100,000 Job Initiative

Question: When it comes to the 100,000 jobs, people are asking when they are actually going to have these union construction jobs ?

Answer: Beginning probably the first tranche and 3 to 4 years, the community colleges are going to the one we’re providing for 2000 folks. And to be able to be trained 200 a year. And it’s going to go the whole pipeline goes all the way through to high schools and training facilities. You know, it used to be that when I was in high school and even at the tail end retail energy for you.

what high school we did not have public high schools had shops and homes. You know my work with your hands doesn’t exist anymore. And so it allows people who have skills and be able to train in technical skills to be able to make a decent living without a College degree and that’s what we need.

Question: Does AI scare you ?

Answer: AI has enormous potential, enormous downside potential. That’s why 3 years ago, I got together with the major architects of AI. I did different operations around the world.

I met with them in Europe and here in the United States, and it ranges all the way from one of the leaders saying it’s real it’s going to take over human thinking all the way to folks to say , no, it’s not a problem. And so that’s why I set out certain standards that can do no harm.

Exploring the Controlled Advancement of Technology: A Reflection on its Significance in Human History

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But we have to make sure we know to do that, we have to make sure it’s controlled. And that’s how that’s good and how it’s most significant I think technology development and human history

Not in terms of war and peace, but in terms of being able to in America. One leader in the AI community said to me it’s going to overtake human thinking and that is frightening. But the others think it can be used for everything from finding cures for cancer to significantly increased productivity.

President Joe Biden has pledged to create over 2000 union construction jobs BBC Interview, as mentioned in the BBC interview. The President emphasized the importance of setting standards to ensure controlled advancement of technology, which he believes holds significant significance in human history.

While some express concerns about technology overtaking human thinking, others see its potential in areas such as finding cures for cancer and enhancing productivity.

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