Trump offered Kiev a plan to halt US military support until it convenes peace talks with Moscow
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Trump offered Kiev a plan to halt US military support until it convenes peace talks with Moscow

Reuters WASHINGTON June 25 – Two of Trump’s key advisors have submitted to him a plan for halting Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine – in the event that Trump is President after November 5: this can be done through offering Ukraine more assistance in the event it enters peace negotiations.

At the same time, the United States would inform Moscow that no negotiations with the Donetsk separatists would be held and that the US would provide further aid to Ukraine, a national security adviser to Trump, Keith Kellogg said in an interview.

This would mean freezing the conflict today at the lines that have been established during negotiations under the plan that was designed by Kellogg and Fleitz who both acted as chiefs of staff in Trump’s National Security Council during his 2017-2021 presidency, according to Fleitz.

They have apprised Trump about their plan and the Republican presidential candidate has given his nod to their plan according to Fleitz. Now spectators insist that he was not saying that the gentleman approved it or that he had supported every single word of it, but the party was glad to have received the amount of comment it did.

The spokesperson of Trump, Steven Cheung opined that only Trump’s statements or any statement that is issued by the official members of the Trump campaign should be considered official.

The plan unveiled by Kellogg and Fleitz is the most extensive campaign envisioned by subordinates of Trump, who stated that he could easily win the war in Ukraine, if he becomes the president in the November 5 election, though he has not explained how he will accomplish such a goal.

The proposal will make a great turn in America’s stand on the war and will be resisted by America’s European allies and even within Trump’s own Republican party.

Now, the Kremlin noted that any plan for the peace developed by the potential Trump administration in the future, has to correspond to the current situation on the ground but at the same time Putin said he was ready for the further discussions.

“The value of any plan resides in details and in understanding of the actual situation on the ground,” head of the Kremlin’s foreign affairs department, Dmitry Peskov, said in a Reuters interview.

“President Putin said that, while taking into consideration the circumstances that have developed on the ground, Russia was and remains open to dialogue,” he said.

In his turn, the main presidential adviser of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak stated on Tuesday that it would be quite uncomely to observe the existing lines as Russia aggravated the situation by violating the international law subjecting Ukraine to military invasion.

“Ukraine has this completely figured out, and it’s included in the peace formula that President (Volodymyr) Zelenskiy of Ukraine introduced; it’s stated clearly there.” that peace can only be fair and can only be built on the basis of international law,” he said to Reuters.

The official from the White House in the National Security Council clarified that the Biden administration intends to ‘coerce’ Ukraine into negotiations with Russia.

According to NSC spokesperson Adrienne Watson, President Biden tends to think that it is Ukraine’s decision to make on negotiations.


The major provisions of the plan were described in the open access research paper.

, opens new tab

released by the “America First Policy Institute,” an organization that has the former Kellogg and Fleitz as its key personnel.

Meanwhile, getting Russia and Ukraine to the table would be vital for the White House as soon as Trump is elected, Kellogg said.

In this regard, pulled-quote, he said, “We tell the Ukrainians, ‘You’ve got to come to the table and if you don’t come to the table, support from the United States will dry up.’And you tell Putin, He needs to sit down at the table. If he doesn’t, we’ll give the Ukrainians everything they need to kill you in the field.’

Besides, it was found that Moscow would also be enticed to the table as a reach for Ukraine; NATO membership would be negotiated as being out of sight for the longer term.

Russia launched an attack on the neighboring country Ukraine in February 2022. Following some advance in Russia in the recent months, the front lines are said to have hardly moved since the end of that year, although many tens of thousands on both sides have been killed in battles that see drastic trench warfare, deadliest battle that has occurred on European territory since WWII.

Fleitz explained that Ukraine did not have to surrender territory to Russia in the plan while freeing occupied territories. But he added that despite this Ukraine would not be able to reclaim an effective control over its entire territory in the short term.

‘‘Our worry is it has degenerated into a process of pulling out part by part and our estimation is this is going to end up killing a whole generation of young men,’ ‘Ilott said.

Kellogg and Fleitz also said that for a durable peace in Ukraine, more security assurance to Ukraine is required. Fleitz elaborated that ‘’nuclear sharing’’, or arming Ukraine to the teeth, was going to be one of those.

Currently, the official Twitter of Donald Trump listed, ‘President Trump has said many times that in the second term of his presidency he will begin to quickly negotiate the termination of the Russia-Ukraine war,’ the spokesperson of Donald Trump Cheung.

A Biden campaign adviser named James Singer claimed the above by saying that Trump does not care to confront Putin or even defend democracy.


Some Republicans will be very wary about spending more money on resources to Ukraine under the plan. Washington has provided more than $70 billion in military assistance for Ukraine since Russia’s invasion.

‘What (Trump’s supporters) want to do is cut back the flow and if anything, cap it,’ said Charles Kupchan, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Putin said in this month that the war can be over if Ukraine refuses the membership in NATO and will transfer the four districts of East and South of Ukraine to Russia.

Thus, the French and British ambassadors during the United Nations Security Council meeting last week, to which Kyiv also adhered, argued that peace could only be pursued when Russia left Ukrainian territory.

Several analysts privy also erred on the side of caution by commenting that the plan by Kellogg and Fleitz could end up placing Moscow in the better vantage point of negotiation.

”What Kellogg is describing is a process slanted toward Ukraine giving up all of the territory that Russia now occupies,” Fried, a former assistant secretary of state who specializes in Russia policy, said.

Speaking in an interview presented in a podcast show last week, Trump stated he would not be sending American soldiers to Ukraine, and seemed to be highly noncommittal about Ukraine’s membership in NATO. He has said he would rapidly reduce funding if elected, and has spelled out that Kyiv would be among the EU’s first targets.

Biden has always advocated for more Ukraine aid and his administration sees Ukraine joining NATO later on as a viable possibility. The U.S and Ukraine also signed a 10-year defense cooperation deal this month in which Biden and Zelenskiy inked the agreement.

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