Jamaal Bowman becomes first member of the ‘Squad’ to lose 2024 primary as Democrats divide over Israel
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Jamaal Bowman becomes first member of the ‘Squad’ to lose 2024 primary as Democrats divide over Israel

Y., emerged the first lawmaker among the progressive group of House Democrats affectionately referred to as “the squad” to be defeated in a primary challenge in the 2024 election cycle after he was trounced by another Democratic candidate seen as more moderate in the Bronx area.

Bowman, a 48-year-old, was defeated by Westchester County Executive George Latimer, 70, in the closely watched match that largely rested on the pair’s conflicting stances on the Israel-Hamas War.

Bowman is a former public middle school principal and second-term representative who has spoken out against how Israel waged the war and the Biden administration’s ongoing assistance to the nation . He has accused the Israeli officials of practicing genocide and was very strong advocating for a halt to the war.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Zionist organization that funds both Republicans and Democrats, spent millions against Bowman in the race, $1.5 million of which were donations to Latimer’s campaign.

During a campaign trip-rally just about four days before the election, Bowman told his supporters they would ‘teach AIPAC a lesson in power’ as the South Bronx constituents. His district mainly encompasses the North Bronx, Yonkers, as well as some parts of Westchester region.

During the primary race, Latimer and other Bowman critics also accused the progressive Democrat of a series of other controversies and moments, and one of them was in Capitol Hill last year when he pulled a fire alarm in a HOUSE office building which led to an emergency evacuation.

Bowman said that he did so because he “did not want to miss the votes to keep the government funded.” The congressman pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, paid a $1,000 fine and served three months probation, while the House censured the New York lawmaker.

The prognosis for ‘the squad’

Bowman’s loss is a loss for the squad that consists of the only handful of progressive lawmakers who were elected for the first time during the term of the ex-president Donald Trump. April earlier this year, another squad member, Rep. Summer Lee, democratic of Pennsylvania, successfully defended herself from a moderate contender in her home district of Pittsburgh who accused her of being anti-Israel due to her vote against the provision of further military assistance to the country.

AIPAC actively worked against Lee in the 2022 midterm elections but was surprisingly neutral in her race in 2024. Bowman did not garner the support from establishment democrats, such as Sen John Fetterman, as did Lee. One member is Sharon Brody, one of the most notably pro-Israel Democrats in Congress, and President Joe Biden. undefined Similarly, in the spring they accounted for defeating a primary challenger advocating for increased support for Israel.

At least one other TKG member will have a tough battle this year in his/her respective constituency where AIPAC funding could be influential.

First-term progressive Democrat Rep Cori Bush from Missouri. In the August 6 Missouri primaries, the position was contested between McCaskill, <other candidate name: the now incumbent, St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell>. Bell, on the other hand, has received $630,000 from AIPAC for his campaign. Voter turnout data in the race indicated that Bell was polling 20 points ahead of Bush before the Missouri vote.

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