Israel’s aerial attack near Rafah on tent camps resulted in 25 deaths and 50 injuries
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Israel’s aerial attack near Rafah on tent camps resulted in 25 deaths and 50 injuries

Escalation of the attacks and bombings of the tent camps near Rafah proved fatal, causing the death of at least 25 people, with 50 reportedly injured in accordance with Gaza health authorities.

The latest deadly attack in the small Palestinian territory was carried out on Friday when tents belonging to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled fighting between Islamic militants Hamas and Israel were bombed by Israeli forces north of Rafah. By reports from Gaza Health Ministry and Emergency crews, no less than 25 people succumbed to death and 50 others were maimed.

One of the Civil Defense first responders in Rafah said that witnesses directed the rescue workers to the shelling at two locations on the tents in the fishing shore which was filled up with densely populated tents.

The Health Ministry later came up with a list indicating the individuals who lost their lives in the attack and those who were injured.

The attacks, according to the Civil Defense, occurred only a few meters beyond a belt defined by Israel as a secure strip.

It’s alleged that the Israeli military tried to probe into the attacks in the coordinates. Previously, Israel has shelled regios near Muwasi’s “humanitarian zone,” a Mediterranean agriculture-focused town where numerous tent camps have located themselves recently.

The attacks were made at a time when Israel was in its operation in Rafah, over one million Palestinians had sought refuge in Rafah from the other areas of the Gaza strip due to intensity in fighting. Rafah is mainly cleared and many have moved out but the UN has said there is actually no safe area in Gaza and the humanitarian situation is dreadful as people cram into small flats and tents lacking food, water, medical provisions.

Israel says it is targeting only Hamas, its military, and installations; it is even trying hard to avoid or at least minimize the loss of human lives amongst the Palestinians. Holds militants to blame for the many civilian casualties citing the fact that it’s consistent with the militants’ operations deep within the populace.

Hamas’s new strategy is now in the 9 th month, and deep criticism is given by the international community particularly for the deliberate damage and human losses caused by Israel in Gaza. Israel unequivocally refutes the top UN court claim that from Jewish perspective, there is a ‘credible danger of genocide’ in Gaza.

The Health Ministry of the Gaza Strip does not distinguish between the casualties from the armed struggle and the general population and reports that 37,100 people died in the territories of the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli ground operations and shelling.

Hamas attacked the south of Israel on October 7, 2008 invading and killing more than 1200 people most of whom were civilians and capturing nearly 250 of them.

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