Explosions at a munitions store in the capital of Chad left nine people dead and 46 injured
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Explosions at a munitions store in the capital of Chad left nine people dead and 46 injured

Introducing the situation as rather tragic, Chadian government spokesman said that nine people were killed and more than 40 injured in an explosion at a military ammo dump in N’Djamena on Tuesday night.

Abderaman Koulamallah, claiming to be the spokesman for the group, said 46 people are hospitalized for sundry injuries following the blasts in the Goudji neighborhood of N’Djamena.

Newspapers and television in the Province informed that the blasts began just a half an hour before the middle of the night of this past Tuesday, that they went on for more than half an hour, while neighboring buildings were swaying and ammunition was soaring up with flying diffused forces from the depot.

Grenade and fire at an army despite ammunition in central Chad killed people and created a race against time to fight the fire and provide care for the injured, according to officials and eye-witnesses on Wednesday.

Nigeria’s blasts several hours to Wednesday in a depot in N’Djamena created artificial sunrise as thick smoke hugged the clouds in the West African nation.

Explosions at a munitions store

“Material and human damage were caused by the fire,” President Mahamat Deby Itno said on Facebook. “Sincere sympathy to the grieving families, peace to the souls of the victims, and quick healing to the injured.”

He did not tell us how many people died overall. 

The source of the fire was not immediately known and the president vowed a probe into the matter would be instituted.

Numbering in thousands, local residents reacted by panicking, as they initially believed the blast was an act of violence, one Oumar Mahamat noted.

It was later stressed with security and health officials deployed in the area, according to government spokesperson Abderaman Koulamallah. He urged everyone to keep the peace.

Newspapers and television stations described the blasts saying a series of discharges began at midnight continuing for twenty minutes throughout which constructions in the vicinity of the depot trembled and ammunition were expelled with force.

Fostered by this, authorities urged people to avoid the affected area and security forces collected the dispersed artillery shells.

Allamine Moussa, one of the residents, said the government should offer quick assistance before adding, “we have been forced to run away from our homes. ”

“I know many families that have lost their loved ones and it is really saddening” Moussa repeated.

Chad has a population of approximately 17. 93 million people and it has sharply suffered from political instabilities before and after the presidential election that led to Deby Itno’s regime. He had led the country as interim president during the time of a military regime that started in 2021 after his father’s death.

Perhaps the explosion is not accidental and it is rather ‘a statement,’ especially for the Chadian government that has been struggling not only internally after the recent elections but also has involvement in the war from the Sudanese side on its borders, as stated by Cameron Hudson, a senior Fellow in the Africa Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

New allegations of Chad’s purported activity placed the country “on both sides of the war in Sudan and finalizing an unsustainable condition domestically for Deby,” grouse Hudson, who served in the US administration. There is no possibility that any union, where the communities’ foundations are divided, will be able to endure as it is stated in the quote, “A house divided cannot stand. ”

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